Product Trends for 2023

Product Trends for 2023

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With the rise of digital transformation and the continuous need for innovative solutions, there are a few upcoming digital trends that product owners and managers should keep an eye out for. It’s time to get ready for the digital product trends of 2023!

  1. Rise of Subscription-Based Ownership: Companies are increasingly offering subscription-based ownership models, allowing consumers to access products without having to purchase them outright. This model allows for more flexible, affordable access to products and services and is becoming increasingly popular in the fashion, media, and technology industries. #saasproduct

  2. Connected Devices: As the Internet of Things (IoT) grows, more products are becoming connected. This allows consumers to access, manage and monitor their products anywhere in the world. #deviceinteroperability #internetfothings

  3. Digital Twins: Digital twins are virtual replicas of products and services that can be used to simulate, test, and optimise outcomes before they are released to the public. This technology can be used to develop more efficient and cost-effective products and services. #digitalassets

  4. Augmented Reality (AR): AR is becoming increasingly popular in product ownership, allowing users to experience products in a virtual environment before they buy. This technology can be used to customise products and services, allowing for more personalised experiences. #augmentedreality

  5. Tokenization: #tokenization is a form of digital asset ownership that allows individuals to own a share of a product or service. This could eventually allow for fractional ownership of products such as cars, making them much more accessible to consumers.

This reminds us of trends to watch out for and be mindful of in our product discovery. Include in the product planning to ensure alignment with the product-market fit.

Please share your thoughts on either or all of these trends, almost mainstream in our lives. I encourage you to share examples of products in these environments.

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